Just because you drive a subcompact car doesn't mean that you don't need storage space. FIAT recognizes this and has included versatile cargo options in the new FIAT 500. This popular car has adequate room to carry all of your must-have items.

The FIAT has a hatchback rear door. When opened, it exposes a modest trunk area. It has 9.5 cubic feet of cargo room. However, you can create more space by folding down the rear seats. The seats are split so that you can fold down one side to make room for larger items if you need to. When the seats are down, you're getting upwards of 30.1 cubic feet of storage space.

Take a look at the cargo room in the FIAT 500 by visiting us at our FIAT sales center today. We'll show you around our showroom and set you up behind the wheel for a test drive.



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